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The strategic and creative agency dedicated to brands.

At W, as entrepreneurs, we believe in a new vision of marketing and communication: CONTRIBUTING®, a new approach to safeguard brands from the depression of a belt-tightened world, marked by a contraction in consumption, travel and other sectors.

Marketing needs to evolve and make way for an entirely new form of brand art. Brands need to drive a fresh and positive contribution to re-enchanting the world in a new way.

They need to generate change and pride in-house, stand as an emotional link and landmark for users, and create growth for markets and shareholders. Brands are an integral part of our world. They make us think, laugh, feel and dream, and sometimes open new paths.

Our role is to be by their side, guiding them and helping them to be fully in step with their times and the focus of attention.

The values advocated by Contributing® and that we promote at the agency:

Confidence in oneself, in the future and in others. To elaborate Contributing® strategies is to push back any fatalism, any immobilism, by federating the maximum of active, enthusiastic and competent contributors, ready to invent new solutions in front of the complexity.

The Social Man.
Digital capitalism is the big winner of the Covid crisis and risks hypertrophying an individualism that is already well established in society. The Observatoire de la marque France shows how sick the “nous” in France is. The French, seeking to protect themselves, have put their carts in a circle, in an assumed “ego-logy”. Brands committed to Contributing® will be able to defend the idea that, despite physical (not social) distancing, consumers will always need relationships and conversation to be social.

The technological domination of the GAFAs preempts entire areas of our social life. As Vincent Mayet mentions, access for Google, the market for Amazon, relationships for Facebook, creativity and entertainment for Apple are a real threat to our individual freedoms
Contributing® should stand with those who fight to defend their technological sovereignty and preserve freedoms.

It is of course about the big balances (CO2 emissions, global warming, energy decrease…), but also about the small ones: personal life, professional life, working conditions, telecommuting… Contributing® will have to place architectural, physical and behavioral dimensions at the heart of the consumer experience.


Our Purpose

W is a strategic and creative agency whose raison d’être is “to help companies, through their brand, to develop and transform themselves for the common good”.

Our secret

A positive and committed vision of society and a business model that is unique in France, grounded in three areas of entrepreneur-driven expertise: branding, architecture, and advertising & content.

Our Business Lines

Brand Strategy – Branding – Change Management – Design – Brand Content – Social Media – Digital – Advertising – Events Management – Editorial – Tertiary Architecture – Retail – Production.

Our plus

Integrated production: print, digital, video (Windsor, a wholly owned subsidiary of W), architecture
(Walter, a wholly owned subsidiary of W) and events (Havas Events).

20 Years > 150 Employees 20 Years > 150 Employees 20 Years > 150 Employees 

Egapro professional gender equality index: 76/100


Find below the agency’s management

  • Gilles Deléris

    Gilles Deléris

    Owner and Creative Director

  • Denis Gancel

    Denis Gancel

    Founder and President

  • Catherine Million Parmentier

    Catherine Million Parmentier

    CFO and head of HR

  • Martin Piot

    Martin Piot

    Vice president

  • Charlotte Fessou

    Charlotte Fessou

    Director of Global Image and Development

  • Johanne Casagrande

    Johanne Casagrande

    Head of Branding Strategy and Innovation

  • Estelle Mège

    Estelle Mège

    Head of Architecture

  • Grégoire Weil

    Grégoire Weil

    Head of Communication, Digital and Content

  • Valentin Baumont

    Valentin Baumont

    Executive Creative Director

  • Paul Groves

    Paul Groves

    Executive Creative Director

  • Sonja König

    Sonja König

    Creative Director Retail

  • Anaïs Guillemané

    Anaïs Guillemané

    Deputy Director of Strategic Planning

  • Pascal Leturcq

    Pascal Leturcq

    Director of Operations WALTER

  • Cyril Champaud

    Cyril Champaud

    Deputy General Manager

  • Marguerite de Lacharriere

    Marguerite de Lacharriere

    Director of Operations

  • Sophie Falcoz

    Sophie Falcoz

    HR & SG Manager


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