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We work alongside brands that are transforming via their premises.

We work alongside brands that are transforming via their premises.
From shops and offices to hospitality venues, the digital revolution is disrupting economic models and transforming the physical experience offered by brands.

How can locations serve to reinvent the relationship? How is this new relationship expressed in terms of services? What kind of tone and content are feeding the story? How are digital and physical resources being used to prepare the meeting, customise offers and build customer loyalty?

These augmented venues are orchestrated by 120 designers, strategists, consultants and creative staff, from design through to production, via Walter, our wholly owned project management subsidiary. They help brands to take the lead in their transformations.

Our business lines

An inclusive approach from strategy to production that contributes to the consistency and performance of brands.

  • 01. Strategies

    • Position and common thread
    • Customer/user journey and programming
  • 02. Creation

    • Storytelling, language and identity of the venue
    • Architectural design
    • Furniture design and edition
  • 03. Development

    • Development and roll-out
    • Feasibility studies and project savings
    • Project management and network roll-out (Walter)


W Architecture, led by Pascal Leturcq, has extensive expertise in project management and network roll-out.
Over 20 experts – including project managers, economists and draughtsmen – work alongside Pascal, each one of them guided by the same philosophy: respect for the creative quality of each project as part of a technical and budgetary framework. Walter works in a broad range of fields (from surveys, technical development, prototyping monitoring and project economy to AMO, MOEX pilot sites, general contracting and deployment) so we can bring each customer a bespoke response.


Our tertiary teams design workspace projects tailored to the company’s internal culture, identity and vision

  • 01. Programming

    • Positioning & definition of the common thread
    • Space planning
    • Technical design and development
    • Branding of the premises
  • 02. Works

    • Consultation with businesses
    • Supervision and coordination of work
    • Acceptance of works
  • 03. Furniture

    • Furniture specifications
    • Assistance in ordering and monitoring the installation
  • 04. Communication of change

    • Communication plan & action plan
    • Employee workshops