Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation


Creating or managing a strong brand hinges on ensuring the consistency between three fundamentals: meaning, appearance and experience.

We work every day with brands to co-build excellence in each of these fundamentals.

With today’s surfeit of messages and over-informed and over-stimulated audiences, which have become volatile and sometimes sceptical, being or remaining a strong, legitimate and preferred brand is a tough challenge.

From trademarks and logos to institutions and businesses, all brands stand as a promise that must be embodied in tangible evidence, i.e. visible and easily understandable to all, both internally and externally. This applies to the attitude of the teams that embody them, the signs they send out, the words that constitute their daily language, and the dialogue and interactions they generate with their audiences.

Our role is to increase the value and relevance of brands with and for those who make them what they are. W&CIE is home to 120 talented individuals who harness creativity and strategy to meet the challenges of transforming companies and brands.

  • 01. Meaning

    • Brand strategy
    • Positioning
    • Purpose
    • Brand platform
    • Brand architecture / offers
  • 02. Expression

    • Naming
    • Visual and verbal identity
    • Brand territory
    • Motion language
    • Sound signature
  • 03. Experience

    • Customer journey
    • Iconic evidence
    • Internal commitment
    • Brand culture
    • Roll-out

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