Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation



is a new art
of branding
in the process of being invented
and which will never stop
to build together.

Contributing®, draws the contours of a new marketing. It defends the idea of a new strategic and creative approach to aligning brand expressions with corporate commitments and business model evolution.



W is a strategic and creative agency whose raison d’être is to help companies, through their brand, to develop and transform themselves for the common good. W thus contributes to generating a positive and significant economic, social, societal and environmental impact in the course of its activities.


Important dates of the contribution

The Pact Act of 22 May 2019: a decisive turning point that encourages companies to question their raison d’être.

This is a real opportunity for companies to place at the heart of their brand strategies the societal and environmental dimensions that have long been treated separately.
The raison d’être will make it possible to reconcile all these aspects, and constitute new levers of attractiveness in a context where “more” will have to give way to “less” and “otherwise”.


September 2019: Creation of Contributing®.

In response to the new challenges of raison d’être, the agency has developed a new strategic approach that enables companies to meet the new expectations of consumers and stakeholders: Contributing®.

Based on the broadening of the definition of the company in the Pact law, on ESG criteria and CSR standards, Contributing® links Meaning and Business, by defending the idea of responsible growth and by making companies’ business models evolve.

Contributing® is a new version of marketing, a new brand art that has yet to be invented.


March 2020: The Covid 2020 crisis confirms the need to think about a new vision for our businesses.

The Covid crisis has accelerated awareness, and we know today that the recovery can only be responsible this time: We are entering a new era of consumption.

We are entering a new era of consumption. The world at least advocates a new form of consumption that is fairer, more responsible, closer and more authentic, but today we cannot ignore the global health crisis that is raging, and we cannot fail to take it into account in our thinking about brands and their new challenges.
Contributing® must help marketing to reinvent itself in depth, by proposing a new brand contract which, without ever renouncing creativity and the pleasure of consuming, develops an approach based on respect, the side-by-side relationship, proximity, conversation and a greater freedom of choice left to the consumer.

June 2020: at the end of the containment, launch of the first edition of the Contributing® barometer to understand the new expectations of consumers.

June 2021: One year later W renews the adventure and launches the second edition of the Contributing Barometer®.

December 2021: Echoing the approach of the “Etats Généraux de la Communication” but also to pursue the idea of Contributing®, which outlines the contours of a new marketing,
Denis Gancel and Gilles Deléris, founders of W, speaking with one voice with the experts of their agency, publish a collection of correspondences entitled “Lettres d’adieux au marketing”.

The story of this book begins on 17 March. That morning, for the first time in 21 years, Denis, Gilles and their teams did not meet for coffee in the agency’s offices.


A Contributeam committee dedicated to intensifying its CSR commitments.

A team with complementary expertise has been set up to structure and guarantee the agency’s dynamic progress at all levels of its activity:

  • An internal improvement process with the implementation of progress indicators
  • An external improvement approach with the first task being the training of employees on the impact of our activities.


The Contributeam consists of :

  • Marguerite de Lacharrière, Director of Operations, is in charge of continuously improving our creative and production processes to offer our clients more responsible solutions.
  • Sophie Falcoz, Head of Human Resources and General Services, is responsible for promoting the inclusion and development of talent and reducing the agency’s environmental footprint.
  • Charlotte Fessou, Image and Development Director, aims to communicate our commitments to all our stakeholders in the best possible way.
  • Agathe Vignol, who recently joined the team as CSR Officer, to structure the approach and support us in the diversity of our projects.