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The two worlds

Le projet


As the leading European asset manager among the top 10 global players, Amundi has made responsible investment one of its founding pillars.
Its belief is that, if we want the world to change, we must take responsibility and be agents of transformation together.
Having regularly communicated on its commitment towards responsible investment since 2018, Amundi now wishes to take a new step by reaching out more directly to a broad audience. This is why, on the occasion of COP26, the brand is launching a major campaign.


What if investing could change the world? How to invest and get involved?


Titled "the two worlds", the campaign uses fatalistic ideas that can be heard on the climate, employment or parity through shocking phrases in order to contrast it with Amundi’s vision where investment can change things. And to conclude, with this challenging sentence: in which world do you want to invest, and in which do you want to invest yourself?
This campaign, in the form of a conversation, will naturally be expressed through local media. Orchestrated by Havas Media, the campaign will initially be deployed in billboards, press, radio and digital in several European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, etc.
The campaign will then continue worldwide. Two films highlighting the company's commitment to responsible investment have been shown in several European countries including France since February 14, 2022.


Through this new campaign, Amundi raises awareness on the importance of responsible investment. Amundi creates a positive impact by influencing the public to invest for a more responsible society. To illustrate this more responsible society, the campaign highlights renewable energies such as wind turbines and ensures a certain diversity of casting, with a female protagonist to denounce the "glass ceiling".