Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

The wave of change

Le projet


To support their low- or zero-carbon trajectory, major manufacturers need sustainable, innovative, high-performance materials. Arkema, a world leader in specialty materials, is their preferred partner. How can we speed up the process by making this known to as many people as possible?


The world can only change sustainably if the materials change sustainably.


The wave of change: a creative platform that gives Arkema's mission a fresh look.
A new logo that shifts from the historical emphasis on the "k" of chemistry to the "ma" of new materials.
A new advertising story that showcases this wave of change and the central role of materials.
An international campaign to make it known.


Throughout this campaign, we have sought to ensure the preservation of resources. To that end, we offered: A non-printed charter, signage with solutions to avoid illuminated signs, an annual report in 100% recycled paper and a low design graphic charter.