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Where passions thrive

Le projet


In 2016, when Florent Malbranche was invested in several restaurants, he was surprised at the methods used to find quality and reliable staff. In doing so, he was unknowingly putting his finger on a much deeper problem than the simple shortage of talent in this industry: the lack of consideration and valuation of talent in these sectors. Low pay, demanding schedules, and a lack of balance between personal and professional life are all constraints that lead to talent leaving the industry, even though most of them are in the business because of their vocation.
That's why Brigad exists: to offer everyone the opportunity to pursue their passion while being valued, considered, and above all, free.
In 4 years of activity, Brigad has become a reference in France and the UK, allowing more than 10,000 self-employed professionals (in the hotel and restaurant sectors) to make a living from their skills and more than 15,000 companies to be put in touch with talented staff in just a few clicks.


With its status as a company with a mission, several rounds of financing and diversification into healthcare, Brigad must assert itself. To do so, the brand must strengthen its position as a driving force for societal change and support the commitment of talented people who have chosen to make a living from their vocation while breaking free from preconceived notions.


To engage the Brigad community and affirm its leadership position, W has developed a brand platform around the promise of "Where Passions Thrive.
A new unifying brand. A strong, unifying symbol that stands for many things: the heart of passion, the B of Brigad, community and people... The perfect embodiment of the company's values: openness, listening and expertise.
A new brand expression to reinforce and establish Brigad's status, through a mature and optimistic graphic territory, evoking passion. A typography, statutory but surprising and singular. A vibrant chromatic palette, articulated around a pinkish-red effusion and supported by more sober tones. An iconographic and illustrative library that always places the human being at the center. A tone of voice that is expert, empathetic and passionate, reflecting Brigad's commitment to providing the best possible support to talented professionals and demanding institutions.