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CNP Assurances
New headquarters showcase our transformation

Le projet


A major player in personal insurance in France, CNP Assurances is accelerating its transformation in December 2022 in a brand new head office in the Issy Cœur de Ville eco-neighborhood. This positive-energy building features hybrid, ergonomic and versatile layouts, reflecting new trends in the world of work. A new place designed to embody the Group's vision and instill a new collaborative dynamic in the spirit of its raison d'être, to act for an inclusive and sustainable society.

W has been working with CNP Assurances for the past 5 years on all of its identity projects: redesigning the brand territory and creating the book concept to translate the spirit of the brand into the premises.


Feel open, optimistic, bold and inclusive at your desk, in a meeting or at the cafeteria.


The project's challenges were to make the CNP Assurances headquarters the benchmark for tomorrow's office building, both in terms of its ecological exemplarity and its ability to take into account new uses and employee expectations. Working with the brand and communications team and the entire CNP Assurances project team, the W agency embodied the brand's values through the design of key spaces (reception areas, Comex space, coworking space, different types of meeting rooms and themed cafeterias) the branding of the site (signage, colors and styling) and by selecting all the head office furniture.

The new headquarters became a showcase for the company, immersing employees in a working environment based on the Group's values: openness, optimism, boldness and inclusion. The branding of the premises and the signage, designed around the lifeline concept, guide visitors through the spaces with subtlety and efficiency.

The various workstations benefit from a calm, warm atmosphere, conducive to concentration and employee well-being. Collaborative "color blocks" inspired by the iconic CNP Assurances colors punctuate and enliven the ambience of the workstations. Particular attention is paid to ergonomics and the diversity of workstation possibilities (some tables can be positioned to work in a standing position for those who so wish), and to acoustics.