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Contributing® Survey

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First Edition of the Contributing® Survey

The French want a more equitable, responsible, green and effective France. And brands have a role to play in this ideal country. These are the main findings from the first Contributing® survey administered by the W agency with the CSA Institute. The aim is to understand new consumer expectations of brands, clarify trust factors and identify the sectors and brands where these expectations are the greatest and those seen as making the strongest contribution in this respect.

Contributing® is a new strategic approach that helps companies to meet the new expectations of consumers and stakeholders. Drawing on the expanded definition of the company under France’s PACTE Act, and on ESG criteria and CSR standards, Contributing® builds a bridge between meaning and business by advocating responsible growth and driving changes in business models.

To present the results, the W agency together with the CSA Institute held a digital conference on 25 June 2020 focused on “brands, the day after”. Participating in the event were Dominique Wood, Executive Communications Director, Carrefour Group; Mathias Vicherat, General Secretary, Danone Group; Erwan Soquet, Head of Communications, Decathlon France; Thierry Blandinière, CEO, InVivo; Johanne Casagrande, Chief Executive Officer, Branding Strategy Innovation, W; Yves Del Frate, CEO, CSA Institute; and Denis Gancel, Chairman and Founder, W.