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Contributing® Survey

First Edition of the Contributing® Survey

The French want a more equitable, civic, green and efficient France, and in this ideal France brands have a role to play. These are the main lessons of the 1st edition* of the Contributing® barometer launched by Agency W with the CSA Institute.

The goal? To understand the new expectations of consumers vis-à-vis brands.
To clarify the factors of confidence, to identify the sectors and brands most expected on the subject and those judged today as the most contributive.

The Contributing® is a new strategic approach that enables businesses to meet the new expectations of consumers and stakeholders. Building on the broadening of the enterprise definition of the Pact Act, Based on ESG criteria and CSR standards, contributing® links Sens and Business, advocating the idea of responsible growth and changing business models of companies.

“We are entering a new era of consumption. Contributing® should help marketing to reinvent itself in depth, by proposing a new brand contract which, without ever giving up creativity and the pleasure of consuming, develops an approach based on respect, side-by-side relationships, proximity, conversation and greater freedom of choice left to the consumer” says Denis Gancel, President of W and founder of Contributing Advisory.