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Circular services at work

Le projet


For over 50 years, Elis has been a pioneer and leader in circular services worldwide.
In a context where all customs are changing, the Elis Group has understood that the societal and economic transformations of our planet cannot be achieved without a social and environmental commitment.


Inventing a new business category and a new positioning for the brand to address the growing need for hygiene and protection in the wake of various crises (Covid-19, Ukraine), in a sustainable way: this was the birth of Circular Services at Work.


Elis has chosen to fully integrate circular services at the heart of its identity, territory and communication.
A new brand block, "Circular Services at work", reflects the Group's new raison d'être: "To provide a circular service of protection, hygiene and comfort on a daily basis and in a sustainable way, everywhere in the world".
of protection, hygiene and comfort, everywhere in the world".

New colors and pictograms based on "low-design" graphics to associate the brand's message with its visual representation.

Last but not least, two communication campaigns are currently underway:
- An international corporate campaign in the national press and in digital format, with a message that educates and promotes circular services around the world.
- And an international brand campaign, enabling Elis to address the benefits of circular services in its various markets.