Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

Proud to make it real

Le projet


EQUANS, the world leader in multi-technical services, was created a year ago and employs 74,000 people in 17 countries. EQUANS recruits 15,000 people every year. The company has therefore decided to support the recruitment actions of its local and country agencies by launching a simple and realistic campaign to promote the energy, industrial and digital transition professions and attract the talents of today and tomorrow.


92% of employees say they are looking for meaning (according to a study by Audencia and Jobs that make sense)


W has developed an employer brand promise "PROUD TO MAKE IT REAL" to make explicit the EQUANS culture: women and men who share a taste for doing, in action, with attention to detail, in the service of concrete long-term projects that contribute to the three transitions - industrial, digital and energy - of its clients. Women and men who enjoy working in teams, in complete autonomy. The campaign was designed to be digital first, borrowing from the codes of social network stories and real life formats. Snapshots of employees' daily lives, "how-to" videos, tutorial codes and makers - all formats that tell us how employees mobilise as a team to take real action, every day.


To create its new employer-brand campaign, Equans wanted to illustrate the reality of the field as closely as possible. So we worked on a shoot with Equans employees. They shared their experiences and explained how their jobs contribute to the ecological transition. These explanations were used to draft the campaign's messages with precision. The campaign was also an opportunity to recall how Equans is committed to the environment, by installing photovoltaic panels and renovating buildings for energy efficiency.