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Équipe de France
The love of the same flag

Le projet


For the first time in history, regardless of discipline, disability or gender, French athletes are coming together in one single team: the French Olympic and Paralympic Team. Beyond the symbol, it is the recognition of a reality. The common ambition of both Paralympic and Olympic athletes, to wear and represent the colours of France proudly.


What brings a team together is the love of the same flag.


To embody this revolution, the agency developed a brand motto: "Nous sommes l'Équipe de France" ("We are the French Team").

This unification is brought to life through a unique and moving flag, the foundation of a strong and unifying identity. This identity claims the values that are dear to Équipe de France, whose banner flies proudly over the athletes that will represent their country at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

One single team for one single flag.

Mission realized with Paris 2024 for Équipe de France.

Production by W: Concept, visual identity, motion and digital language
Production by Paris 2024: Shooting, design & development
Producer/Photographer: Cyril Masson / Blackdeer