Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

First brand of airport hospitality

Le projet


The ADP Group's ambition is to create a new standard of excellence that offers each passenger a unique experience in the boarding area, and to develop a genuine brand to win over and build passenger loyalty in France and around the world.


Passengers spend an average of 2 hours in the boarding lounge.


Create an airport hospitality brand based on the "terminal boutique" concept and deploy it in the terminals, after security checks. Develop a new standard of excellence, offering each passenger a unique experience in the boarding area.
To give travelers back their "extra time", transforming their waiting time into a moment of pleasure and surprise. The name Extime literally carries this brand promise.
The visual identity, inspired by the guest book, and its refined visual territory, with touches of malachite green and gold, dress the premises.

In response to new practices, Extime is available for shopping (Extime Duty Free), relaxation (Extime Lounge), restaurants (Extime Food & Beverage), work, culture and entertainment. It is designed so that each passenger can tailor his or her experience to suit his or her desires.

The Extime Duty Free stores are designed to offer an enhanced shopping experience: an intuitive shopping path, clear signage, a line of modular furniture and strong merchandising elements - all in a place with careful lighting and high-quality sustainable materials.

The spirit of hospitality is embodied by a Maître de Maison, present to welcome and guide travelers, and by all of the Extime teams, who wear the brand's colors, not only through their service posture, but also through an elegant and modern style inspired by the codes of the hotel business.

So many small gestures and surprises are the recipe for re-enchanting the passenger's journey.