Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

ibis Styles
Inspiring places for inspired people

Le projet


With nearly 600 hotels worldwide, ibis Styles is one of the Accor Group's fastest growing brands in the last three years. What makes it special? Uncomplicated, creative and playful hotels, inspired by a unique theme, whose imagination spills over into the rooms for an unforgettable experience.

The W agency has been working with the ibis Styles brand since its creation in 2010, contributing year after year to affirm its unique personality within the Ibis family. 

Each of the 600 ibis Styles hotels has a unique identity, a strong character and its own storytelling. With themes ranging from the Beatles in Liverpool to sardines in Marseille to Wonderland in Wroclaw, Poland, ibis Styles hotels celebrate unbridled creativity and eclecticism. These hotels are deliberately colorful, making each stay an Instagrammable experience.


Many budget hotel chains have a very standardized approach, they offer a commoditized experience and lose some of their soul.


Inspiring places for inspired people

To translate Ibis Styles' desire to transform the hotel into a true space for creativity, the W agency helped the brand develop a new visual identity: jubilant, inclusive, bright and in line with the expectations of a clientele open to all kinds of audacity. The visual territory of ibis Styles pushes tastes and colors to their paroxysm, defining a new approach where styles are multiple and where the only limit becomes that of the imagination. Based on rich patchworks and combinations, the new visual identity mixes a lively and acidic palette (7 colors and one black, white is banned), varied and daring patterns (houndstooth, stripes, checks...), offbeat textures (pink fur, toasted breadcrumbs, zebra carpet...).
The iconography has a dual purpose: to promote inspiring places (by illustrating the diversity and uniqueness of ibis Styles hotels through colors and textures), for inspired people (by showcasing a community driven by its uninhibited spirit, always eager for inspiration to push back the boundaries of creativity).
The whole is designed for use in hotels, but also and above all for the digital and social ecosystem. 

Beyond the common codes, each hotel will be able to personalize its identity thanks to Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program that generates, with the help of keywords, unexpected and even surreal images such as "the fortuitous meeting [...] of a sewing machine and an umbrella". These visuals, custom-made for each theme and hotel, will further enrich the brand's uniqueness and its local presence on goodies.