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Insula Orchestra
Insula Orchestra joins the Seine Musicale with the W agency

Le projet


In March 2017, Insula Orchestra, led by Laurence Équilbey, took up residence on Ile Seguin at the Seine Musicale.
What kind of visual identity best suits this unusual orchestra? Quelle identité visuelle pour cet orchestre atypique ?


Insula Orchestra enjoys an exceptional geographical and symbolic location.


A musical island
A white note placed on the water, at the centre of a circle, echoes the building designed by Shigeru Ban located on the tip of the island. The visual territory draws on the marine and romantic paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries, in a nod to the orchestra’s preferred repertoire.

Insulta Orchestra mockup ordinateur
Insulta Orchestra mockup affiche
Insulta Orchestra mockup double page