Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

The caring, engaged and inclusive shopping experience

Le projet


In shopping centers, retail parks or in new locations, KIABI's uniqueness is to work on its store concepts by mobilizing internal staff, Kiabers and customers, taking care to listen to their expectations such as the need for experiences, services and CSR evidence.


Strengthen the existing, structure it and be agile rather than recreate everything!


W and Kiabi worked together to define the Kiabi identity codes, the new Kiabi shopping experience and to optimize every detail of the furniture and square meter of the zoning.
The customer journey is freed up by means of shortcuts and punctuated by iconic or experiential appointments such as the "family portrait" and "Kiabi&you" areas. The ergonomics of the furniture has been rethought for both customers and the well-being of Kiabers. Inclusiveness and CSR commitment are expressed in every department!