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Lire et Faire Lire
The grimaces

Le projet


Founded by Alexandre Jardin, Lire et Faire Lire is an association that fights to promote reading among young children from disadvantaged backgrounds by organizing story readings for children from age 3 to 11.
In 2020, the global pandemic not only increased inequality but it also caused seniors to distance themselves from the associative field.
Lire et Faire Lire will take the word again at the end of 2021, to re-engage its 20,000 volunteers and recruit new ones.
Launched in October 2021, on the occasion of The Week of the Taste (from October 11 to 17), the film will be diffused throughout the year 2022, for which the President of the Republic makes of the reading a “big national cause”.


The fear of not being up to the standard.
Where one of the main obstacles to volunteering lies in the fear of not being up to the job, Lire Et Faire Lire focuses on a skill that everyone has already demonstrated to their own family, children, friends’ children or even grandchildren: reading.


It’s easy to get kids excited about reading!
Playing on children’s well-known reluctancy to food, the commercial shows an amusing gallery of all kinds of grimaces caused by certain foods, followed by the fascinating faces of the same children listening to a volunteer tell a story. "If there is one taste that is easy to pass on, it’s reading," the spot concludes, demonstrating that we all have the capacity to wonder children by reading them stories.


Lire Et Faire Lire is an association and an educational program that exists since 1999.
By encouraging to restore a taste of reading to the most disadvantaged children, and to nourish the intergenerational link, the association is firmly committed to reduce the social inequalities and fight against the solitude of pensioners.