Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

Enabling a digital world

Le projet


Founded in 2005 on the initiative of Luxembourg's banks and government, Luxtrust quickly established itself as one of the world leaders in IT security.

Today, faced with increasingly aggressive competition and, above all, an increasingly opaque market, W is helping Luxtrust to create its new identity.


Affirm the brand's leadership and pioneering character to strengthen trust in the digital world.


A new brand to support the company's strategy: meet new challenges, assert its position as a trailblazer in an ultra-competitive market...
To respond to these missions, the brand's expression has been rethought to reflect and assert the company's personality as a visionary pathfinder.
- A new identity conveying the idea of a guide, a pathfinder, playing on the etymology of the name.
the etymology of the brand name in its logo (Lux: Light + Trust :
Trust), pre-empting the allegory of the beam of light, while maintaining reassuring and enduring codes.
- A reprogrammed brand territory
- A gradient identity color to embody the idea of progress, movement
movement and innovation
- A pattern inspired by the logotype, conveying transparency and confidence
- Typefaces designed for screen interfaces and also linear
to illustrate the idea of fluidity.
- A "human and interactive" iconography with colorimetry inspired by the logotype, bright and warm.
inspired by the logotype, luminous and warm.
- A new tone of voice designed to develop clarity and involvement
and involvement
- A "customer benefit" oriented discourse.
- A pro-active lexical field to "stay ahead of the game
future challenges".
- A new editorial strategy to express and assert the brand's new
- A redefined editorial promise to position Luxtrust as the