Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

A brand on the move

Le projet


MAIF, the first major company to embark on the path of a mission-driven company, as proposed by the PACTE Act, has decided to accompany this step forward with a new brand platform, a new identity and a new territory.


The common good is not determined by decree. It has to be proved, and the brand is the first argument.


Simpler and more direct, the new brand is changing direction just as the company has changed direction. Without betraying MAIF’s heritage, the new brand asserts the company’s commitment with simplicity and power. The brand territory has been designed to address new uses and new media (digital, motion, film). This founding and galvanising phase relies on internal support that fosters buy-in.

MAIF evolution
MAIF mockup brochure bis