Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

From fast food to full restaurant

Le projet


McDonald’s has nearly 1,300 restaurants in France and serves some 1.8 million meals a day. To maintain its leadership against multiple new rivals and in an ultra-fragmented market, McDonald’s is innovating on a continuous basis, with new ordering methods, a new back office, new recipes, and table service.


The “fast-restaurant”: going faster to take your time.


All the irksome aspects in the customer journey need to be weeded out.
The brand’s unfailing aim is to be 100% welcoming and functional. It is constantly optimising its restaurants to improve traffic and provide the best possible service to an ever-increasing number of customers. To safeguard McDonald’s position as the favourite restaurant of families, user-friendliness, efficiency and acoustic and visual comfort are taken into account at each step in the customer journey.