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Driven by creativity
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30 years of passion and action

Le projet


In line with its new brand strategy solution for the preservation of the Ocean, we have imagined for this anniversary year a campaign full of meaning whose promise is to hammer home the fact that it is at Nausicaá that we manage to reconcile wonder and meaning, and this for 30 years.


Fascination, thrills, immersion... no need for artifices or attractions to experience strong sensations: with Nausicaà, the Ocean already offers them to us.
But this unique sensory experience is much more than that: visiting Nausicaà also means contributing to the protection of the oceans and marine species, by discovering and supporting the many scientific and charitable projects run by Nausicaà.
It is this duality between Wonder and Sense that we have chosen to celebrate to communicate on the 30 years of Nausicaà.


For this, the agency created 3 spectacular visuals that show the unique sensory experience of the spectators, through mandalas made from jellyfish, clown fish and penguins.

Made from real images and sequences, the visuals and videos are accompanied by taglines each celebrating one facet of Nausicaá's dual action: entertainment and mobilisation ("30 years of entertaining rhymes with action"), education for the youngest ("30 years of wonder rhymes with awakening"), and the commitment of the staff ("30 years of passion rhymes with action").


Thanks to its positioning as a solution brand, Nausicaá is a contributing company that combines the discovery of the wonders of the ocean with awareness raising. Nausicaá uses its words to give everyone the desire to get involved and act to defend the Ocean and marine species. In line with the brand's CSR commitments, this campaign aimed to reduce CO2 emissions by limiting the number of people present on the shoot and by doing part of the shooting in Paris. As Nausicaa wants to make every child aware of the ocean's issues, the campaign shows two different representations of children.