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Le projet


Even if Nausicaa is the largest aquarium in Europe, it is also a reference research center on the marine universe, which works for the preservation of species and oceans. In 2019, the aquarium defines its ‘raison d'être’: “make people discover and love the Ocean world, to make everyone wants to be engaged to its preservation and to act daily for a healthy Ocean».
How to translate this raison d'être to the general public?


Nausicaa is a brand that works and interacts daily with its audience. More than an Ocean brand, Nausicaa must be a “solution brand” in the service of ocean preservation.


To go to Nausicaa is already acting for the ocean, because each visit helps to finance action programmes for the protection of species and a more responsible exploitation of marine resources. Around this concept, Walk by W has designed a visible advertising campaign that features 3 of the centre’s flagship action programs: the restoration of coral reefs and the protection of penguins in South Africa, that can happen thanks to the support of associations and the creation of the Blue Living Lab in Nausicaa, for a blue and sustainable economy. This campaign is based on awareness-raising operations at the marine centre, as well as an editorial strategy that extends the experience and awareness on social networks.