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Le projet


Norauto's mission is to provide product and service solutions to make life easier for motorists in terms of maintenance, comfort and safety. The brand's ambition is to be a leader in the transition towards safer, sustainable and inclusive mobility.
However, its packaging does not always stand out enough in stores, with little distinction between the product universes.
In order to better reflect its DNA, its commitment and reinforce its visibility in stores, the brand has decided to adopt new designs.


Nowadays, consumers are looking for more transparency, simplicity, and a reduction of the ecological impact in packaging.


W assisted Norauto in the redesign of its packaging, with a restructuring of information, a modernization of graphic codes and a more lifestyle iconography. The packs were designed with a view to reducing ink and using more durable materials such as kraft for technical products.


Making life, choice and understanding easier for all motorists through more functional, emotional and environmentally friendly packaging.