Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

The new flavour of time

Le projet


With more than 536 hotels worldwide, Novotel is now a leading mid-range brand in the hospitality industry. This brand, which revolutionized the hotel industry by designing all-inclusive comfort hotels, is now suffering from a lack of desirability.
Attacked by destandardized economic players rethinking themselves as lifestyle brands as well as high-end brands with aggressive price positioning, Novotel had to reinvent itself.
How to give Novotel an imaginary, singular place while communicating its ability to assist the needs of the greatest number?
So how do you talk to someone again when you talk to everybody?


At a time when everyone promises to be different, Novotel, as a pioneer of modernism and brutalism in the 1960s, has a unique character to reveal through its industrial design approach and its attention to service.


Code name: NOVO-novotel
Thanks to the rework of the logotype, the definition of a new visual brand territory, the tone of voice and the messages conveyed, we revealed the innovative character of the brand by reactivating its deliberately minimalist heritage, attention to detail and respect of everyone's time.
The NOVO-novotel brand's ingredients include a narrow color palette with a brutal accent, patterns that leave room for the light that symbolizes the time passing, deliberately architectural iconography, and a thoughtful and minimalist vocabulary.
A redesign shaped for social networks, feeding all the brand's and hotels' messages, notably through the redefinition of the pillars of the Novotel experience, embodied by messages and visuals.