Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

The new flavour of time


With more than 536 hotels around the world, Novotel is today a reference midscale brand in the hotel world. Novotel has the characteristic of reaching many audiences (from businessmen to families) in very large environments (from the seaside resort to the city center in large capitals) and of having a very complete service offer: spa, swimming pool, business center and co-working spaces, restaurant. Caught between standard economy brands that have developed more lifestyle premium offers and high-end brands that seek to be more accessible; Novotel had to reinvent itself.


What could be more legitimate than the history of Novotel with its name [newhotel] to give the brand a head start?
We went back to the roots of Novotel, a modernist pioneer in the 60s, to build a simple, contemporary and slow lifestyle territory.
It is from this insight that we have worked on a brand that is as simple as it is clear, to re-imagine time and anticipate tomorrow's needs.
Novotel. The new flavor of time.


A new contemporary territory to reawaken the brand, assume its level of range and be in step with the times, with a new lifestyle. W accompanied Novotel in the creation of a logotype, graphic identity, verbal identity and motion identity.