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Your Money, Your Way

Le projet


Created over 35 years ago by the Auchan group, Oney is a bank designed to offer merchants and their customers more varied, more fluid and more simple payment solutions. Over the years, Oney has expanded to more than ten countries in Europe, thanks to its flagship products: the store card, and payment in 3 or 4 installments.
Today, Oney has become a brand of the BPCE group, with the ambition of becoming a European reference in payment solutions. But how do you emerge in this fiercely competitive market, when you've been a white label for over 35 years?


There are more and more solutions to make payments easier. But paradoxically, the easier they make it for us to spend, the more we feel that money is slipping through our fingers, so that in the end, we're less and less aware of what we're buying. It's time for a payment player to help us take back control of our money.


Welcome to the power of choice! A joyful, offbeat brand territory that shows how Oney helps us make our money an ally in living our lives in accordance with our convictions. This message is expressed through a new signature: "Your Money, Your Way". This new creative universe will be the common base for all the brand's communication: launch of the new "Oney+" app, brand activations, employer brand communication, communication with retailers, social networks, etc.


By helping each consumer take back control of their money, Oney aims to give everyone the power to make better choices. Through its actions, Oney wants to encourage more responsible consumption. For example, through its latest initiative, "Win-Win Week": an operation offering Oney customers throughout Europe the chance to have the cost of their fractional payment waived for any purchase made during the week of Black Friday, at a selection of responsible partners.


Commercial activations
A campaign during Black Friday to promote our vision of more reasonable and responsible consumption.
5 countries, 11 partners – test & learn

Federating a community around better consumption.

Design of the corporate and consumer France editorial strategy and production of content.


Employer branding

Working on the brand's presence in the mind through sound identity

“Your Money, Your way”: a sound identity that evolves with content