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Paris 2024

Le projet


Olympic pictograms were created in 1964 at the Tokyo Olympic Games. To address the whole world and communicate beyond words and writing, the Japanese developed this universal language.
They were one of the major branding exercises of the Games.

How can we go beyond the simple functional exercise of signage to turn this one and only opportunity to represent sports into a symbol that athletes, amateurs and fans can wear with pride?


You can't bring people together and make them want to wear a pictogram (however beautifully designed) just because the silhouette represents our sport.


From figurative pictogram to sporting coat of arms

Together with the Paris 2024 Brand teams, we wanted to provide each sport with its own coat of arms, which every athlete will be proud to wear.

The heraldic form, which conveys the family spirit and shared values of each sport, is a tribute to the 1924 Olympiad, which chose the coat of arms of our capital city as its logo.

Modernized and playing on the symmetry of French gardens, they are emblems that all federations and fans can make their own.

This minimalist, emotional exercise is enhanced by tonic color palettes and a motion language adapted to video and social practices.