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Paris 2024
France Team

Le projet


On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Games, the ambition is strong to federate all athletes to conquer the Olympic and Paralympic summits. After having designed a common banner for the Tokyo Games, the time has come for a new identity to unite the teams behind a single emblem and territory?

With the Paris 2024 Brand teams, we set out to distinguish ourselves from other representations of roosters, which are very common in the sporting world.


Although the Coubertin spirit says that the important thing is to take part, the Games are nonetheless a meeting place for the most determined athletes, capable of staying focused and mobilized for four years on a single objective.


From a graceful brand to a rebellious one.

Victory in front is the motto of this new, united team. To match words with symbols, the logo has undergone a revolution, showing the gallinaceous bird facing forward, head down, denoting the bold spirit of the brand.
At the heart of the territory, it splits to become an identity flag affixed to athlete and fan profiles, testifying to their shared passion. Powerful, rugged... these are just a few adjectives to describe the semantic, typographic and iconographic choices made for the territory, all of which support the rage that inhabits its athletes.