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Paris 2024
Look of the Games

Le projet


The visual identity of the Games reflects the host city and country. It helps create an atmosphere of celebration and excitement for spectators and accredited guests alike. It is often inspired by the culture, character and history of the city and country in question, and will represent its visual legacy to go down in history.

The Games Look is the stylistic hyphen that dresses each city, each stadium, each station hosting the Games, its millions of guests and billions of television viewers.

How can we avoid the wallpaper effect that conjures up images of Paris and France?


What makes Paris and France is above all a taste for suggestion rather than demonstration.


Far from a panorama that flaunts Paris, we and the Paris 2024 Brand teams came up with a design that expresses the city without apetizing it, that reveals the spirit of the Games without stating it, that denotes the spirit of celebration while magnifying the everyday essence of the host country.

In short, we wanted to show a state of mind that plays with the clichés we've been accused of.

A minimalist treatment inspired by the 1920s, with a nod to past Parisian Olympiads, and a colorful palette that stands out against the backdrop of our stony city: this is the grammar that allows us to give a whiff of family air to the exquisite cadaver that is our game of looks.