Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

Planet Sushi
The “iki” spirit, allying tradition and modernity

Le projet


Twenty years after the founding of Planet Sushi, the pioneer in Japanese fusion food and a major player in home-delivered food in France is initiating an ambitious transformation plan without renouncing its key values of Japanese culture, authenticity, sharing and equality.
The aim is to resume the company’s hyper-growth momentum and double the size of the network in three years.


Combine tradition and innovation.


W has designed a new-generation point of sale for Planet Sushi. Blending plants and minerals, the décor is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept “iki”. The premium brand territory showcases the transformation of the product, the mastery of gesture and manner, and, above all, a brand new and entirely self-service customer experience.
The new Planet Sushi experience has been fully rolled out at the three pilot restaurants developed by the agency. Other sites are already under development.