Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation


Le projet


In a rapidly digitalising market, PMU, the leading betting brand in France, is looking to transform from a generational brand into an emotional brand to attract new audiences. By refocusing on its core business, horse racing, PMU is returning bettors to the centre of a modernised ecosystem in step with its times.


The common factor in betting, sports and performance is adrenaline.


Re-enchant PMU by switching from a closed brand to an open brand that attracts new audiences. The brand is establishing a dominant position in “the adrenaline of betting and live sports” at the nexus of betting, sports and performance.
With a custom typeface, a personified and emotional iconography and powerful cues, the brand territory reinforces the three key moments in the customer journey: before, during and after the race. The flexible graphic system gives pride of place to the spectacle of live sports and the emotion of betting.

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