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What's new this summer?

Le projet


RATP is the state-owned company that operates a large part of the public transport system in Paris and its suburbs.
With the recovery of tourism in the post-Covid-19 era, and the return of sustained international visitor numbers to the Île-de-France region, RATP is keen to help tourists travel more easily on its network.


RATP's challenge is to adopt a service-oriented, warm, human approach that listens to its customers' needs, in order to better meet their expectations.


During the summer season, which is a popular time for tourists to visit the region, W worked with RATP to design a tool to promote the many services available. This was an opportunity for W to make RATP's service approach more visible and understandable.
The idea: to highlight the network, the services and, above all, the station agents, in order to reinforce RATP's image as a service brand.
In short, to create a magazine offering original, hard-hitting content for tourists and Parisians alike.
W is working with RATP to create a bilingual magazine.
On the program: a focus on useful and essential services for tourists (luggage lockers, an app that tells them all about Paris and its monuments, accessible Wifi in stations, etc.), a zoom on the key role of RATP service agents, veritable compasses within the labyrinth of metro, RER, bus and streetcar lines, and the sharing of cultural tips on exhibitions and festivals.