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Roc Eclerc
Here, for you

Le projet


Roc Eclerc is the benchmark brand for funeral services in France.
Roc Eclerc's trademark is the quality of the support it provides, which is reflected year after year in very high family satisfaction rates.
In essence, the funeral industry is something we avoid talking about, yet for 82% of French people, the funeral operator plays a key and unique role in providing support at the time of the funeral, well beyond the logistical aspect.


The only thing you want to hear when you're grieving is "I'm here".


W accompanied Roc Eclerc in the revelation of a brand new identity built around a strong promise:
"There, for you". This repositioning is accompanied by an evolution of the brand's visual identity and a first advertising campaign.

The film highlights a little-known yet eloquent social fact: in 70% of cases, nothing has been planned for the funeral... This discrepancy between the expectation of support, expressed by the vast majority of French people, and reality, gives full meaning to the solutions proposed by Roc Eclerc.
by Roc Eclerc.