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A blue, white and clay garden

Le projet


To honour its status as a Grand Slam tournament and extend its influence, the Roland-Garros brand is stepping firmly into the 21st century with a wide-ranging project to modernise and expand the stadium. The aim for 2021 is to create a new sporting showcase at the gates of Paris and restore the full powers of a reinvented brand.


Roland-Garros needs to draw on its legendary status to be fully in step with its times.


A Parisian tournament held in spring in the Bois de Boulogne, Roland-Garros is a unique blue, white and clay-coloured garden. The journeys of visitors, players, journalists and partners are punctuated by new architecture, signage and heritage features. W is designing all the new interior and exterior spaces, reception lounges, restaurants, shops and player areas, as well as all the stadium’s signage, making Roland-Garros a “brand-venue” with international standards.