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Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

A popular offer, designed for the french public

Le projet


Despite the qualities and effectiveness of the Anglo-Saxon model (Netflix, Apple tv, Disney +, Amazon...), the French remain very attached to a local program offer that resembles them. In 2019, French programs still accounted for more than 80% of the best TV audiences. "Salto is a popular offer, thought for the French public" says Thierry Follin, and with recommendations based not on algorithms, but on human teams, with categories based for example on feelings, the opinions of critics from media partners such as AlloCiné or Télérama.


From time immemorial, France has always shown its ability to resist single-mindedness, by imposing its freedom of thought in the creative industries; it is made up of plurality, ideas, cultures, origins, points of view.


W has imagined a territory that capitalizes on the meaning of the name SALTO, a figure of speech, a perilous leap that reflects the desire to propose an offer that is different from that of other platforms. Salto is above all not the sum of the channels present, but a fully-fledged, autonomous identity that marks above all a state of mind, a curiosity.