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Saunier Duval
The heat pumps that the French want

Le projet


A strong, economical and eco-friendly solution, the heat pump market has been rising steadily in the recent years. While Saunier Duval, a major French player in the heating sector since 1 century, has been considered by customers, too little option remains on this latest line of goods.
In an industry where the brand is one of the most important factors of consumer preference, how can Saunier Duval become a valued and chosen brand?


What could be better, to create the products that best meet consumer expectations, to put themselves -literally- in their position to take into account all their criteria of choice!


For the past two years, there has been an advertising saga led by Arnaud and Florian, a duo of Saunier Duval engineers. This time they are back on the campaign trail and are using their expertise - some of it eccentric - to dispel the many preconceived ideas about heat pumps.

Noisy, only suitable for new houses, difficult to maintain... the duo answers the questions of Internet users with humor and off-beatness, and reminds us how efficient Saunier Duval solutions are - in addition to being made in France.