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See Tickets
Together we are See Tickets 

Le projet


Since 2004, Vivendi Village has gradually diversified its business activities and acquired several ticketing brands operating in various countries. In 2019, these brands were united under a single name and identity to form a stronger global brand and increase the sense of belonging to the group, enabling See Tickets to reassert its position as a leader in the ticketing industry.


Strength lies in unity, and also in plurality. Mastermind the gradual coming-together of local brands by creating a global sense of belonging.


To build a strong group, W has written a brand statement underpinned by a unifying motto, “Together we are See Tickets”. The motto is accompanied by a monogram with high signage impact for use across all the brand’s contact points. This places the emphasis on unity, co-building and the group’s service-based positioning. W has also designed a flexible and customisable graphics system based on a palette inspired by the visual identities of the See Tickets, Digitick and Paylogic local brands, as well as that of Vivendi Village, the aim being to symbolise the union of the brands. The playful and spontaneous iconography lends movement to these visuals. The resulting identity, unified yet flexible, reflects cohesion and diversity.