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Société Générale
A new brand for a new bank

Le projet


Société Générale is one of Europe's leading financial services groups and has been a major player in the economy for over 150 years. It supports 30 million customers on a daily basis through its 133,000 employees in 61 countries.

With the ambition of creating a new champion on the French market, Société Générale Group and Crédit du Nord are taking the next step in the project to bring the two networks together in 2022 by announcing a new brand for the new retail bank in France, which will be operational from 2023.


To combine the power of a national reference brand with the strength of major local brands.


The agency created a national brand and ten regional brands, indissolubly linked by a system that expresses both belonging to the Société Générale Group, with its emblematic red and black colours, and the anchoring of each regional bank, whose identity is claimed and affirmed.

The new name SG represents the power of the national brand. It capitalises on Société Générale's reputation (93% of French people know the brand). A new proprietary typography has been developed for the brand, inspired by the semi-serial used by the Crédit du Nord Group. It brings roundness and proximity to the sign. The square symbol has also been changed to an open square, symbolising balance and symmetry between the national brand and the regional brands.

In order to convey the ambition of the new bank and embody its local roots, the choice of brand strategy was to combine: 1 national brand (SG and symbol), and 10 endorsed regional brands. Five Crédit du Nord Group brands were retained as regional brands: Crédit du Nord, Courtois, Tarneaud, Laydernier and SMC. The Société Générale retail bank brand is retained as a regional brand for the Ile de France and Corsica and 4 regional brands mentioning a geography are created: Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Grand Est, Grand Ouest, Sud-Ouest. The regional brands will be used at the various points of contact with customers (branches, digital applications, payment methods, publishing, etc.) from January 2023. The deployment of this new brand will respect all of the Société Générale Group's eco-responsible commitments, particularly in terms of lighting and the choice of materials.
Brand strategy, naming, graphic design, typography, graphic territory and design of the new signs: the W agency is assisting the Société Générale group in the development of a strong brand, conveying the values, history and uniqueness of the new bank.