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Talent Unlimited
The creative framework for tomorrow's screenwriters

Le projet


In May of 2017, the City of Cannes, the Vivendi Group, the CANAL+ company, the Université Côte d'Azur and its Foundation launched the International Chair of Storytelling. 
Its purpose is to bring out new talents from all horizons to develop European fiction with an international scope. 
This program takes the form of two writing residencies: one dedicated to feature films, the other to series. 
The challenge was to make the brand emerge in order to: allow young talents already trained to launch themselves on the market, to register it in a very strong ecosystem of partners, and to create synergies with the festivals and events of Cannes.


It is by thinking outside the box and confronting ideas that new content with great potential is born.


W supported the Storytelling Chair in designing a new brand platform highlighting its ambition: to connect and bring together talents, to confront ideas, experiences and points of view, by proposing a framework for creation.
This was to be embodied in a new name "Talent Unlimited", as well as a manifesto carrying the values of collective, diversity and openness.
A new visual identity (logo and territory) was created, with the symbolic use of the square (a framework revealing talent), as well as an azure blue color, contrasted by a black & white iconography inspired by the world of cinema.


To guide new talents in their artistic and professional approach, and to develop emotional stories that will be the successes of tomorrow.