Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation

United by nature

Le projet


Following the acquisition of "Grand Marché La Marnière", TERACT is stepping up the development of its food business by deploying an authentic indoor market concept, offering fresh, sustainable and natural produce, with an emphasis on short distribution channels.


The TERACT brand was designed to meet a need: that of a new generation of consumers, synonymous with quality, sustainability and traceability.


TERACT is a name rooted in the land and its ties to the earth:
- It's the nourishing earth cultivated by the farmers with whom we work.
- It's the earth we protect and help to regenerate.

TERACT is a desire to act, to be in the real world, so that everyone has access to the benefits of nature.
A brand signature, "United by nature", that reflects the brand's commitment and uniqueness to its audiences. For customers, it represents the strength of union, of a collective of brands offering a new model of responsible, sustainable consumption. Internally, it's a symbol of pride in belonging to a network of committed brands united by nature. For candidates, it's a rallying cry to project themselves and take part in a unique and ambitious project for responsible and sustainable food and non-food retailing.

A logotype with a typography inspired by plants, as a metaphor for naturalness and commitment. And color schemes inspired by nature. White plays an important role, helping to build a low-carbon territory by avoiding too much color and iconography, and bringing status to the brand.

TERACT currently groups together the Jardiland, Gamm vert, Delbard, Jardineries du Terroir and Noa garden center/animal store chains, and the Boulangeries Louise, Grand Marché La Marnière, Frais d'Ici and Bio&Co food retail chains. TERACT's majority shareholder is InVivo, one of Europe's leading agricultural and agrifood groups.