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Le projet


In addition to its status as a leading national television channel, TF1 has developed into a multi-brand and multi-business group. ​
TF1’s teams have initiated discussions to support this transformation and diversification, the three key challenges being to: ​
- orchestrate the mission of the group brand and the aura of a “flagship brand”
- modernise and express plurality
- create links between external and internal activities


A strong group brand is reflected in flagship sub-brands.


W worked with the group on the redesign of its brand portfolio, the strategic positioning of its brands and group brand, and the expression of its different identities. This was achieved by capitalising on the flagship brand while extending the promise of the Group brand and orchestrating the multi-business and multi-channel strategy to reinforce the group’s leadership on the main targets, be they corporates, partners or the general public. The aim is for each entity to play its role in the ecosystem without cannibalising the others.

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