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Take a break

Le projet


W supported the Accor group’s Wellness brand at 13 exceptional destinations (including Le Touquet and Quiberon) in its repositioning and the evolution of its offer and identity.


With daily life increasingly dictated by obligations, people are crafting personal approaches to well-being. But without a global viewpoint, and without taking stock, it is easy to be submerged by the omnipresent obligation of well-being. Well-being is not something to be consumed; it is something that you find. We are convinced that nothing is more effective than taking a break to actively work on yourself.


The new brand concept is the active break, expressed in the baseline “My break, my energy”. The new identity, built on the basis of the pause symbol present in the “t” and “h” of Thalassa, is used to construct a harmonious brand language that transforms each visual into a depiction of movement. The offer is structured around a temporality adapted to the rhythm and mood of each person: slow, balanced or strong.