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The Boost Society (formerly KLEY Group) has been deciphering the behaviors and aspirations of young people since 2014 to design living spaces that reflect their image, both in France and internationally. For the group, beyond a roof, a home must offer an environment and services that simplify everyone's life and allow each person to blossom, be free and excel. As part of a global mission, W was entrusted with the complete overhaul of the architecture of the offer, the creation from A to Z of a new brand dedicated to active people in search of new lifestyles: creation of a brand platform, an inspiring name and a graphic and verbal identity.


Offering more than just housing, real energizing places, adapted to new lifestyles. An offer based on flexibility, simplicity and community.


The Boost Society believes that, beyond a roof over one's head, a home should offer an environment and services that simplify life for everyone and allow each person to assert themselves and excel. It is this mission, translated into the motto Boost Your Life, that guided the creation of the group's new name.

Kley is the concept dedicated to students. At this age, young people live key moments in their lives, their environment and their housing directly influence their academic success. This is why Kley's mission is to finally offer students living spaces that are conducive to their personal development. A DNA that is reflected in the brand platform created and its signature: Boost Your Future.

With Hife, Boost Your Talent, stimulating places for active people on the move: an environment allowing consultants, telecommuters, startuppers, nomads and other slashers to fully express their talent.
This universal name addresses an ultra-local, national and international target audience, and is a combination of the words high, hive and life. The name and the pop identity convey an ultra-easy experience in a vibrant community that respects the privacy of each individual.
From the colifers' outfits to the monumental meeting sofa in the Live Up, the brand's DNA infuses all its dimensions to offer a unique and memorable experience.