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The Games Live
Paris 2024

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For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and throughout the competition, it is now possible to support the athletes and experience the emotion of the Games as close to home as possible by visiting the Live Games Celebration Sites.

These are unique places to meet with friends, family or sports enthusiasts to follow the Games in a friendly, festive atmosphere full of surprises. An enthusiastic foretaste of Paris 2024 that reflects France's pride in hosting the Games soon.


Emotions are only worthwhile if they are shared.


To embody this communion around sport, the agency has developed an enthusiastic and polymorphic logo that takes on all the colors of the emotions felt by spectators.
Its territory of expression multiplies in an abundant way an imaginary rich in emotions, positive and joyful.

Performance realized with Paris 2024

Realization by the agency W : Concept, visual identity, graphic territory
Realization by Paris 2024 : Design development, event production, motion and digital language, textile production