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Le projet


Nextdoor, launched in 2015 by Bouygues Immobilier, is a major player in co-working spaces in France. In 2017, Bouygues Immobilier and Accor, the world leader in hospitality, joined forces to accelerate the development of the brand. The new name is accompanied by a strong ambition: to become the leading player in “workspitality” by developing a major global network of venues that generate unique work experiences. Featuring an extensive range of services, the new co-working spaces are designed for the pleasure, performance and coming-together of talents.


74% of employees consider workplaces as a factor in fulfilment.


A blend of the words “Work” and “Mojo” (the latter denoting a state of temporary grace in which great things can be accomplished), the Wojo work environment is a real living environment. The logo, immediately recognisable with its circles and concentric lines, suggests a community focused on a common goal and the strength of a collective approach. The brand’s new colour codes (electric blue and grey) are displayed in all the co-working spaces of the network, on the front of centres, the interior walls and decorative objects.

Work et Mojo