Ambitious by nature
Driven by creativity
Thrilled by innovation


Le projet


Thanks to a unique and innovative technique of Callbot, Chatbot and Messagingbot, Zaion places the voice at the heart of rich and emotional exchanges. In order to assert its position as a European expert in augmented customer relationship solutions, Zaion called on the agency to rework its visual identity and build its new website.


Customer relationship is not just a flux, it's content.


Taking cues from major tech brands that are leaders in their categories, the agency sought a powerful symbol that would embody the brand beyond its name. The Zaion brand is radically innovative, powered by artificial intelligence, and as sharp as the Z in its name. It offers a fluid, seamless experience with a brilliant simplicity of use, just like the graphic and iconographic territory proposed.
The shade of blue used reflects the inventiveness and freshness of Zaion solutions. Warm lights, colored and iridescent gradations, screen reflections on faces... The photos translate the fluidity and the "user friendly" side of Zaion solutions. An enhanced experience that visibly increases customer satisfaction. The patterns and backgrounds evoke the voice waves and data clouds that feed Zaion technologies.


A start-up company 100% made in France that places human beings and emotion at the heart of its artificial intelligence activities.